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Helping Hands Community Event


Elders Brunch with Abouna


Youth Bible Day

Helping hands Community Event - November 2019


10,152... Meals packed, Lives Impacted!

An incredible day for our St. Sharbel Community filled with love, working hand-in-hand towards a greater Global Good!

Special thanks to Abouna Simon for being a Visionary and Missionary in enabling us to grow in service and compassion through new ways! #BeTheChange #HelpingHands #CRS #RISE

Elders Brunch with Abouna - 2019

 A beautiful time was had at our Elders Brunch! We enjoyed backgammon, cards, and a Lebanese version of Charades. There were also great discussions, favorite recipes swapped, and a delicious meal prepared by Nassif Maroun and our Knights of Saint Sharbel. Thank you to all who attended and to everyone who helped facilitate the gathering. 

Social relationships & gatherings are proven to enhance the quality of health. That's why for the love of our community and faith, we plan to repeat this event and many more like it in the near future with hopes of continuously growing the number of attendees. Another huge success for our flourishing parish! Stay tuned for the next one!

Our First Bible Day - 2019

It was such a Blessing to witness the beautiful representation of our youth with a wonderful turnout for our first Bible Day! Our theme for the day was "Encounter Jesus". We discussed 4 different topics, had crafts, played games and participated in activities. Towards the end of our sessions, the youth attended The Adoration of the Holy Eucharist where some went to confession. 

The day was finished off with 5 pm Liturgy accompanied by a children's choir.

Thank you to all of our advisers, assistants, and all who came out in attendance. May God continue to bestow his blessings upon our community of St. Sharbel Church.