Anointing of the sick

It is the responsibility of the faithful to notify the pastor of an illness of a parishioner.
Even if the infirm parishioner has already been anointed, it is the responsibility of the pastor to visit the sick and provide spiritual strength and consolation.
The only oil of the sick to be used is that which is consecrated by the Eparchial Bishop.          

Because the Federal Privacy Act (HIPAA) will not allow us to respond if requests are made by friends or some other non-family member, it is important that the patient or a family member let the Pastor know when they are needed.

Please notify the pastor of any hospital or homebound visitation and/or any anointing of the sick needed. Also, if you anticipate a procedure or surgery, and want to receive the Anointing contact the parish office to make arrangements  732-828-2055.

It is also recommended that the person or family to inform the hospital or nursing home upon admission that the patient desires visits from the Church.

​Hospital Visits and Sick Calls

The sick person, or an immediate family member should inform the priest of the desire to be anointed at the bedside, either at the hospital, home or nursing home. ​​